Program Schedule


1am-6am:            Continuous Positive Music with Angela Stevens
6am-10am:         “Wake Up!” with Drew Powell
7am-8am:             Almost Impossible Trvia
10am-3pm:         Continuous Positive Music with Jake Sommers
11am-12pm:        A Christian Perspective with Carolyn Ketchel (Wed. & Thurs.)
12:00pm:            The Health Tip with Dr. Dean Jacks
3pm-7pm:          Continuous Positive Music with Theresa Ross
7pm-7:30pm:    Focus On The Family
8pm-1am:         Continuous Positive Music with Ken Bishop



1am-6am:           Continuous Positive Music with Melissa Stover
6am-10am:         Continuous Positive Music with Angela Stevens
8am – 10am:      Worship with Andy Chrisman (Sunday)
10am-12pm:      Continuous Positive Music
12pm-2pm:       20 The Countdown Magazine with Jon Rivers (Saturday)
12pm-2pm:       Worhsip with Andy Chrisman (Sunday)
2pm-1am:         Continuous Positive Music